The Unfortunate Flight Home

After studying abroad in the amazing city of Rome, you unfortunately have to fly home at some point.

Plane Tickets

In my post Flying to the Eternal City…9 Hours Later, I suggested that you buy your plane tickets round trip so as far as plane tickets go you should be set.

If you did not buy your tickets to return home, I suggest buying them as soon as possible. Try and avoid layovers as much as possible. Many of my friends were delayed in other countries because of their layover flights.


Trip to the Airport

With all of the luggage that you are going to be bringing with you to the airport, make sure that you request a car service or a taxi large enough to bring you to the airport.

My friends and I used the same car service from when our flight arrived in Rome. The car service made our lives much easier because we had plenty of room to pack our bags in the car and we didn’t have to worry about a complicated way of getting to the airport while dragging all of our things along with us.

The driver will drop you off right at where you need to check-in so you won’t need to carry your luggage very far once you get to the airport.

Checking In

I suggest checking in to your flight before hand because you can skip the long lines and go to the much shorter line to check your bags.

If you check in ahead of time make sure that you tell the airline if you will have any extra checked bags because the extra bag will be either free or discounted if you notify the airline ahead of time.

Try to also check the weight of your checked bags. My one friend had the unfortunate incident of having to unload her suitcase in the middle of the airport because her checked bag was TOO heavy.


If you prepare before hand your life will be much easier. If you want an easy tool to check the weight of your bag ahead of time, check out the link below:

Hanging Luggage Scale

Permesso di Soggiorno

Recent Italian law has changed so that when you are leaving the country and hand your passport over to be stamped, you should also hand over Permesso di Soggiorno identification card over so that your file will officially be closed.

Not all officers will take your card though. When I handed in my passport, I handed the man my Permesso di Soggiorno as well and he gave it right back to me, but make sure that you have it with you because some officers may be stricter than others.

Passport Control.jpg

The Actual Flight

Make sure that you are completely comfortable and ready for your flight because it is a long nine hours back home.

Also make sure that you have everything in order to go through customs when you land because you won’t have time to organize yourself (and you’ll be too tired) when you arrive.

To make your flight more comfortable check out the link below:

Neck Pillow

While the flight home is very sad, you still need to take the necessary precautions to make your flight home as smooth as possible.

Ciao belli!


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